• The Mercedes PRO Adapter

    The retrofit solution.

    The Mercedes PRO Adapter is the compact hardware for retrofit. It can be inserted after the fact into selected Mercedes-Benz Vans models1, which are not yet designed for connectivity ex-factory. This gives you and your current vehicles access to the innovative world of connectivity from Mercedes PRO connect.

    Der Mercedes-Benz Vito und Sprinter vor sechseckigen Waben
Advantages of the connectivity

Your advantages with the Mercedes PRO Adapter.

A fleet manager sitting in front of a monitor. The Vehicle Management Tool is subtly shown in the foreground.

Enhance the efficiency of your fleet with Mercedes PRO connect.

Mercedes PRO connect provides you with a high degree of transparency, control and support with the retrofit of the Mercedes PRO Adapter. The communication between fleet manager, driver and vehicle now makes it particularly easy for you to run your business much more efficiently.

  • Innovative connectivity in your current vehicle fleet

    For selected Vito and Sprinter models1.

  • A total of 5 Mercedes PRO connect services

    For an efficient fleet management.

  • Simple retrofit

    With the Mercedes PRO Adapter.

Optimally connected

The three Mercedes PRO connect components.

The retrofit version from Mercedes PRO connect comprises various components that enable the communication between fleet managers, drivers and vehicles, and above all make it easier. 

Mercedes PRO Adapter

Mercedes PRO Adapter.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter creates transparency in fleet management.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter

A gateway to the world of connectivity.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter is our first compact hardware solution that prepares vehicles for use of the Mercedes PRO connect services and therefore for the innovative world of connectivity.

The Adapter is inserted into the vehicle's OBD-II interface. It provides valuable vehicle data that can be easily transmitted, processed and evaluated. As a communicative bridge between the Vehicle Management Tool and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App2, the Mercedes PRO Adapter affords access to the many advantages of Mercedes PRO connect. This makes the Mercedes PRO Adapter a win-win situation for fleet managers and drivers. After all, more effective networking and information makes for smoother and more efficient day-to-day operations.

Vehicle Management Tool

Vehicle Management Tool

The Vehicle Management Tool gives the fleet manager a comprehensive overview of the entire fleet with precise filtering of the most important information.

Mercedes PRO Adapter App

Mercedes PRO Adapter App.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter App2 enables the driver to call up valuable vehicle and order-related information. Vehicle data is regularly transmitted to the Vehicle Management Tool, i.e. the fleet manager, in an automated process, which helps optimise business planning.

Service availability & usage requirements.

Here you will find the key requirements that must be met in order to use the Vehicle Management Tool and the Mercedes PRO Adapter App2.

Compatible model series
The compatible models and model series are listed in the following table*.

Model Model series Year of manufacture  
Sprinter 906 from 04/2006  
Vito 447 from 10/ 2014  
Vito 639 mit Code XZ1 from 11/2010  


The list of model series may vary from country to country. For re-imports or grey-market imports, the original country of destination is relevant for the compatibility. For vehicles with the "Continuous engine operation" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions with the "Digital Trip Management" and Digital Driver's Log services. If the continuous engine operation feature is active, only one journey is recognised.

Technical requirements

You must meet the following system requirements in order to use the Vehicle Management Tool:

The commonly used browsers are supported. If you are using Internet Explorer, you need version 10 or higher.

Screen resolution
To use the Vehicle Management Tool without restrictions, the screen resolution should be at least 800 x 600 pixels.

Please note that the Vehicle Management Tool is not optimised for use on tablets and smartphones and, therefore, should only be used on a desktop.

Supported smartphones
The Mercedes PRO Adapter App requires Bluetooth®, is compatible with commonly used smartphones and can be obtained from the relevant app store.

Download the Mercedes PRO Adapter App now!

Operating system version iOS 9 and above

Operating system version 5.0 and above

Smartphones with Root access or Jailbreak are not supported for security reasons.

Availability in your country

The Mercedes PRO Adapter is available in:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norwegen
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • United Kingdom
Landkarte zeigt Länder an, in den Mercedes PRO connect verfügbar ist
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The Mercedes PRO Adapter is available for the Vito 639 from 11/2010, for the Vito 447 from 10/2014 and for the Sprinter 906 from 04/2006. The Mercedes PRO Adapter cannot be used with Mercedes-Benz vans available ex-factory with the communication module (LTE) for digital services (JH3). For vehicles with the "Continuous engine operation" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions with the "Digital Trip Management" and Digital Driver's Log services. If the continuous engine operation feature is active, only one journey is recognised.


The driver is not allowed to operate the Mercedes PRO Adapter App while driving. Please observe your country's legal position on the use of smartphones while driving.