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    Mercedes PRO Adapter Services.

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Your point of access to the connectivity solutions from Mercedes PRO connect – even if your vehicles are not yet equipped ex-factory for connectivity. The Mercedes PRO Adapter can be retrofitted by simply inserting it in the vehicle. Make use of improved communication between fleet manager, driver and vehicle and run your business in a more efficient way.

    Hexagonal honeycomb containing icon for the 'Vehicle Status' service

    Vehicle Supervision:

    Overview of vehicle status and usage of the vehicle fleet through transmission, processing and analysis of the vehicle data. 

    Hexagonal honeycomb containing icon for the 'Vehicle Logistics' service

    Vehicle Operations:

     Transmission of vehicle locations, creation of geofences, which inform the fleet manager if a vehicle enters or leaves a defined geographical area. Creation and sending of POIs. 

    Hexagonal honeycomb containing icon for the 'Fleet Communication' service

    Fleet Communication:

    sending of messages, addresses and telephone numbers between the Vehicle Management Tool and the driver's Mercedes PRO Adapter App1

    Hexagonal honeycomb containing icon for the 'Maintenance Management' service

    Maintenance Management:

    Information on upcoming maintenance and submission of appropriate offers from the Mercedes-Benz dealer. 

    Hexagonal honeycomb containing icon for the 'Digital Driver's Log' service

    Digital Driver's Log2:

     A digital list of previous trips helps to distinguish between business trips and private trips while making it easier to prepare the tax return.

Components & pre-requisites

Which Mercedes PRO connect solution fits your use case best?

Find the right solution for your vehicle.

Businesses change and develop: does your fleet have existing vehicles that could be more efficient with an innovative connectivity and fleet solution? Are vehicles due for replacement? Mercedes PRO connect has the right offer for you.


 The Mercedes PRO Adapter app must not be used while the vehicle is on the move. Otherwise there is a risk of being distracted from the traffic and the driver or other road users being endangered. Please also observe the legal requirements of the country in which you are currently located. 


For vehicles with the continuous engine operation feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions for the Digital Driver's Log service. With the continuous engine operation feature active, only one journey is detected.